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Birthdate:Sep 20
Location:Texas, United States of America

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1984, alice in wonderland, aragorn/arwen, battlestar galactica, blair waldorf/serena van der woodsen, buffy, buffy summers, charles xavier/erik lehnsherr, dead like me, dean winchester/castiel, degrassi:tng, don quixote, effy stonem/katie fitch, elena gilbert/klaus, freaks and geeks, gabriel/kali, gilmore girls, glee, good omens, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hermione granger/draco malfoy, hermione granger/gabriel, hermione granger/regulus black, heroes, holly j. sinclaire/sav bhandari, howl's moving castle, jitterbug perfume, kara thrace, leah clearwater, lord of the rings, lost, mad men, mary winchester/john winchester, misfits, once upon a time, procrastination, pushing daisies, rachel berry, reading, reading fanfiction, rory gilmore/logan huntzberger, rory gilmore/paris gellar, roswell, sam winchester/jessica moore, sayid jarrah/shannon rutherford, skins, smallville, stardust, sun-hwa kwon/jin-soo kwon, supernatural, the count of monte cristo, the cranberries, the hobbit, the sandman, the vampire diaries, tony stonem/katie fitch, torchwood, true blood, watching television, world war z
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